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1. Massage means "ME TIME 2 Day"

It is important when you're being pulled in all directions and you're constantly focusing on everyone else, to spend a little bit of time each day for some "me" time.

If given just a few minutes each day to focus on themselves alone in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, most moms would be a lot more patient, effective, and happy throughout their day. A massage is a great way to squeeze in a good 60 to 90 minutes of "ME TIME 2 Day" every couple of weeks or once a month. Plan it into your budget -- and see it as essential component of self-care -- so you don't feel guilty about taking some time for you.

2. Massage relieves stress

A massage is a proven way to reduce or remove stress. Stress can cause tension in muscles, especially the muscles around the shoulders, neck, arms, and face. In turn, the discomfort this tension can cause can make a working mom uncomfortable or give her headaches. Avoid this by getting a massage regularly from a registered massage therapist. By removing the tension in these key areas of the body, your body will be able to function better and you will have more energy throughout your day.

3. Massage improves General Health

Studies have shown that regular massages can help improve muscle function, recovery time, and circulation. All of these things are important for a working mom who is also trying to keep her body healthy with exercise and nutrition. Your body will recover from workouts much quicker when massage is regularly involved. Massage can also aid in healthy weight maintenance by allowing your body to rid itself of toxins and harmful substances and cleanse itself naturally.

4. Massage boosts your Energy

A massage can actually leave you feeling energized and revitalized. If you are having trouble keeping up at work or are fighting the "sleepies" every afternoon, the answer might just be a good massage to relieve energy-sapping tension and boost circulation.

5. Massage is an instant Mood Lifter

If you, like many moms, have a difficult time with your attitude when you come home from work, it might be an indication that you have excess stresses on your body and mind. By escaping into a massage for an hour once or twice a month, you will experience relaxation and rejuvenation that will allow you to learn how to center yourself and control your emotions in a calm and relaxed way. This will help you become a more patient person and a more loving mother.

Massage can deliver many emotional and physical benefits and is beneficial to the well-being of the body, especially during times of intense stress (which can be daily for career moms). Don't feel guilty for splurging on a massage. Build the cost into your monthly budget so you are sure to not skip it when money gets tight...and when you seem to need it the most!

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